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Hair product to try

Hey all,

I just wanted a write a quick post (since I am crazy busy packing for India) about this new found hair care line. And by new I mean I have tried it since March and LOVE it. It’s the Macadamia Natural Oil range (but the products have Argan Oils in it as well). So far I have used the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask and the Macadamia Oil Healing Oil Treatment

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Get Excited!

I am back from my internship and getting all geared up to go to INDIA! For all those who don’t know, I am from India (originally)… So I am taking my vacation – a one month long one- at India. I am also traveling within India a bit. I will be in Kolkata and Bangalore for sure. Not sure if my parents have planned any other trips. I am going to be taking a LOT of pictures – specially for the blog. I want to be able to post about fashion and food and beauty! I love my homeland, but I think this blog has truly inspired me to go ahead and document some of the EXOTIC things about my country, for all of you readers.

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Satchel Sensation

When I went back from the internship I also found my very first Beyond the Rack order sitting. I had ordered a satchel since they were so hot this spring, and this one fits my Macbook bro and it was just love at first sight. It was my very first experience with Beyond the Rack and I will discuss some of the pros and cons later. Here’s the Buckles and Pockets satchel in Brown by Elise Hope:

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Simply polished

I’m really glad that my last few manicure posts were received with such enthusiasm, thank you! 🙂

Talking with S, she suggested that I should come up with more ideas for simpler manicure designs….more so that they are something she can try! Haha

So here goes….

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BaubleBar – Lastest Jewelry Find/ Free Jewelry

Hello all!

Hope your weekend was everything you wanted it to be. I got to go back from my internship for the weekend and found some treats waiting for me. One of these was my Bauble Bar order. Bauble Bar is a great jewelry site and it caters to a lot of celebrities like Marcia Cross, Rihanna, Justin Beiber (I was a little surprised on this one :P, but he pulls it off quite well!), and Oprah Winfrey. Also this is going to be a bit of a massive post … I think I really like this website. And I can barely wait to write this!

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Edgy twist to a Half-moon Manicure

It’s no secret that I’ve been very fascinated by different nail art techniques lately…A recent trend that I’ve been wanting to try out for a while is the Half-moon manicure. It’s been featured on different celebrities, My Style, TheLooksforLess and many more websites.

It’s a nail trend that was initially seen on Hollywood starlets in the 20s. But it’s definitely making a huge comeback. Here are some celebrities sporting this manicure:


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My favorite summer top

Hey everyone,

So a few months ago I bought this top from Victoria’s Secret. I liked it so much that I bought another one in the same design. Here are some pictures:

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