Sole Society!

As a lot of you may be aware of, Hautelook has a new shoe club called Sole Society. For 49.95 a pair, you can buy yourself some REALLY awesome shoes from designer Marco Santi. I have been obsessed with this one shoe:

Honestly, I have never seen anything like it… I have seen peep toe booties, I have seen shoes with ruffles, I have seen polka dotted shoes… this is just a new level! And from what I hear from people who did snag this pair that it is really comfortable since the toes get a lot of padding! Although Karla is currently out of stock, I went a head and bought myself my first pair of Sole Society shoes. They are the Cline Wedges:

What I really like about these shoe clubs is that you can always skip a month, shipping is FREE and returns are easy. And I really don’t mind some very qualified people coming up with a personalized shoe selection tailored for me! After taking a brief quiz to assess your personal style, you get your first selection of shoes. If you don’t like them you get a second selection. If you STILL don’t like them, talk to their customer care and they will still be able to help you out. This is what my closet looks like right now:

I will most probably report back on these wedges when I receive them next week. What I have noticed is quite unique about Sole Society is that they often give specific sizing information if the shoe does not fit true to size, AND their customer service is REALLY good. They even said they will send out an email to ALL members when my love, KARLA comes back in stock.

So, are you part of any shoe clubs? What do you think of Sole Society and more importantly, what do you think of Karla?


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.



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4 responses to “Sole Society!

  1. We definitely have the same taste. I loveeee my polka dot Karla booties! And I love the Clines! ❤ Isn't Sole Society amazing?!

    • hehe yes I am SO excited to get mine! And I check everyday to see if Karla’s are back in stock.. 😛 I am a tiny bit obsessed!

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