Traveling with makeup!

Hey everyone,

So I am on a two-week research program/internship a few hours away from my home. So I decided to do a post on what I brought with me as far as makeup goes. I am being pretty minimal since I will be really busy for the next two weeks, but I am REALLY enjoying taking this break to write up this post. Other than clothes (mostly jeans and t-shirts since its a marshy, bug infested area) I brought one tiny make up bag filled with some of my most important essentials.

First, I have my Urban Decay Urban Defense Tinted moisturizer. This is the first tinted moisturizer I have tried. So, although I don’t have very many products to compare it to, I do like the SPF 20. I use the shade Forcefield for myself. I do like the dewy look, and if I want to go for a more matte look, I just use my MAC Blotting powder. This makes it my second must have for traveling. Now, although this powder does not give much coverage, it is anti-shine, and I have repurchased this multiple times. Its a makeup staple for me. I also brought my concealer – Time Balm from the Balm. To be honest, I have not had the time or need to use this either. More like a safety in case of mishaps.

Then I have my Marine Life blush from MAC’s To the beach collection a year ago. I brought this since it was a nice peachy-pink color. And it comes with the little highlighter side that you can use with your fingers if needed. This was limited edition so I can’t provide a product link :/.

I brought some mascara – Maybelline Falsies! I always love drugstore brand mascaras since you can try a lot of them. And you do have to throw them out after a few months of use so you don’t get a bacterial infection in your eye. I feel less wasteful throwing away drugstore brand mascara :P. My eyeliner of choice is Feline from MAC. This is the darkest, smoothest Kohl… and I had been wanting it forever (Its a MAC Pro store only product, but was promoted as a part of some fall collection last year or early this year I think). I also do not have a link for this one since it’s only available in Pro Stores. I brought a neutral eyeshadow quad with me. I have carbon ( I like to dab this on with a brush on top of my Feline kohl, makes your eyeliner last FOREVER). I also have amber lights, which I use as a lid color. Ivy, a great matte highlighter for your brow-bone. And embark, a matte dark brown I use as a crease color or to fill in my eyebrows. I also brought my tube of Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion in case I DO use eyeshadow hehe.

For lips I have a NARS lipstick in Promiscuous, which is a gorgeous champagne/gold color. I like to layer Venetian Lustreglass from MAC on top of this. I love this combination… in fact I have considered blogging about it too! Maybe! 😛

Last, but not least I brought three make up brushes. One for cheek/ face products. One for eyeshadow and one for eyeliner.

I also brought those tine perfume samples Sephora gives out so generously. Honestly, they’re so useful when you are taking a vacation or if you are like me, doing a 2-week internship, lol.

I hope you enjoyed this post… sorry if it seems hurried. I do hope this helps you all pack stuff for summer vacations! Do leave your travel make up essentials in the comments below. Remember to subscribe/ follow us on twitter/ like us on facebook! And do vote on our poll.


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.


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