Satchel Sensation

When I went back from the internship I also found my very first Beyond the Rack order sitting. I had ordered a satchel since they were so hot this spring, and this one fits my Macbook bro and it was just love at first sight. It was my very first experience with Beyond the Rack and I will discuss some of the pros and cons later. Here’s the Buckles and Pockets satchel in Brown by Elise Hope:

I love the shiny details – and the tan color of the bag. It’s demure and eye catching at the same time. And did I mention roomy? I love how it kinda looks like a messenger bag too!

As far as Beyond The Rack goes – they tend to have a lot of luxury or designer type clothings and accessories for less. The pro’s include:

  • fairly low prices (this bag was $32.99, while it would usually go for 80 ish, so more than 50% off).
  • a wide selection – they have SO much to offer every single day! From shoes, clothing, handbags, watches etc.
  • Deal of the day items – these are REALLY good deals
  • a VERY good home selection
  • Deals on PREMIUM brands like Louis Vuitton/Chanel/Valentino at great prices… I have seen this brands sell out SUPER fast on Beyond the Rack.
  • Sales with themes- just this weekend they had a sale devoted to bold and bright colors that I really enjoyed! I really like this idea and would love to see more of such sales!
  • Every Sunday they have a “Deals and Steals” sale where they have a plethora of items at amazing prices – its honestly a GREAT selection, almost overwhelming.

Some of the downsides include an alarmingly long shipping time (but the website is fairly honest about this… it’s not like they say it will be shipped this week and then delay it). The shipping charge is also kind of hefty at $9.95. Other sites like Ideeli/ Hautelook/ Gilt. com have a slightly lower shipping charge (the difference is 1-2 dollars). However, Beyond the Rack does promise that this is a flat rate shipping charge – meaning no matter what you order one tie to one sofa, you will always pay the same. I am not sure this is the best policy… since with such sites people might just buy ONE tiny thing on a certain day and feel not so happy  about paying almost $10 in shipping. I know I have added stuff in my cart often and then backed out simply because of this. For items like a bag it’s worth it… but say for a piece of jewelry or one shirt… it might not?

Otherwise, I do like the selection, the variety of brands available is great (often more than the competitor sites). I could see myself purchasing from this website often.. specially if I like multiple items on a particular sale day.

What are your thoughts on Beyond the Rack and this satchel? More importantly, what was/is your Springtime bag?

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.



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2 responses to “Satchel Sensation

  1. I feel the same way. I often have items in my cart and then I’m like “wait.. I’m going to pay $10 to have them ship an item that they take over a month to get to me?” Not a good deal at all! I like the other sites better, but I have purchased an item or two from BTR.

  2. Aw yeah I am totally like that. But yes I had a 10 dollar credit so I bought the bag. I wish shipping was more lenient for sure! Or like every few purchases we got free shipping… or something!

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