Stackable rings!

Hello all!

I have been super busy and jetlagged in India and will start hunting down some trendy shops very soon! But before that I wanted to do a quick post about stacking rings. Jewelmint sold sets of three rings that could be stacked – one during February (celebrating Valentine’s day) and two more later. I blogged about Jewelmint’s interesting pieces here earlier. I missed out on all those pieces due to budget issues (boo…. grumble… being a grad student … whine…). However, I recently saw a few on that could fit ANYONE’s budget. I have not shopped at ASOS ever before but my best friend in Australia, T highly recommends it. Plus it has free shipping on all orders to US (and a few other places too)!

I think its a cute trend – you could wear one, or all, on both hands or on the same! It’s super versatile – a quality I tend to fawn over!

Here’s some of my top choices from the ASOS Clearance Jewelry – I have not even looked into the non-sale variety yet. But I am sure there will be some cool ones there:(Click on the pictures for links to each one!).

My only qualm is how I don’t understand what size S,M,L mean as far as rings go … so I am going with S for now… since I am 6 in US.. I think that qualifies as small… fingers, maybe? Some of them are expandable too! (Drop by a comment if you know what these sizes mean!).

Oh… and $1 = £0.6

So happy shopping! Share your ASOS finds with us : twitter and facebook! Subscribe to us through email too!

– S

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.



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2 responses to “Stackable rings!

  1. Sandipan Ghosh

    Hey Som,
    Great to see you are enjoying your time in Kol!(I am jealous). Lovely article on the rings. I am a fan of trinklet items myself and nothing more fun shopping for them in a thrifty store or other like odd places!


    • Hey! Yes I am going on a fashion/style hunt in Kolkata too. Other than the regular junk jewelry shops I am stopping by some of the bigger malls. Any suggestions from you?

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