StyleMint- Exclusive T-shirt club

Good morning everyone!

As you all know I am all about fashionable clubs. I think the new generation of clubs like Jewelmint/Sole Society is all about personal shopping experiences made available to you. Stylemint is conceptually the same – a t-shirt club headed by Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen.

In all honesty, I had not been following the Olsen twins with much interest until now. I used to watch a lot of Full House but that’s about it. Upon researching a little, I realized this was not the Olsen twins first stab at fashion – they have been designing their own line called The Row. Now that I am convinced they do indeed have a great sense of style and are capable designers, I am definitely signing up for this t-shirt club. This might be the most affordable designs the Olsen twins will make. And I LOVE t-shirts – they are a wardrobe staple for me (and for a lot of you I am sure!) A sexy t-shirt can make you feel like a rock star (amongst other amazing things)… and I am a big fan of feeling like a rock star lol.

The website is going to launch pretty soon since I am constantly getting these emails stating they are almost ready. Frankly, I am excited. I have seen this idea of personalized online shopping work well with shoes and jewelry. Why not clothes? Its like having someone pick out your wardrobe with you every month! And of course its flexible – you can skip a month, no problemo.

So be sure to check out this new club PRE-RELEASE! 🙂 Sign up for Stylemint NOW! Remember to find us on twitter and facebook!


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.


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