Reporting from India – Haircut

Hello avid readers!

Call me crazy but I waited 1.5 years to get my hair cut by my most trusted hairdresser in my hometown. I usually do cut my hair more often that this but  I just have not had a chance to find a new hairdresser since I moved from Colorado. My favorite salon (apparently in the world!) is Bridgette Jones in Kolkata, India. Unfortunately they do not have website (yet)! But I know for a fact that this salon caters to a good bit of the celebs and socialites of Kolkata. I personally feel like Bridgette and her trainees really work with what you want – they can do a conservative cut to a crazy one, just tell them what you are in the mood for! She has been my hairdresser from my school days through college and now grad school!

So this time I wanted something short since it is extremely hot here this year. I also wanted layers since its the only way my flat hair gets any oomph. I also wanted something fairly low maintenance – a wash and go type style. I also told her I wanted something that would look good styled with a curling iron. Without further ado, here are the results: -drumroll-

Other than haircuts, she also does a lot of hair coloring. In fact, my first coloring job was by her and I loved it. I might even go back to her later this month and get it colored. The only thing I haven’t tried at her salon is the nail art (perhaps R ought to!).

Additionally, I find this salon affordable by global standards. The closest salon to where I live charges $65 for a cut by the senior artist. Here, Bridgette is the senior artist and she charges $20. I cannot justify spending so much more for a cut by another senior artist… I’d rather get my hair cut by someone who caters to celebs in India! (Specially since I visit once a year!) If any of my lovely readers are every in Kolkata, India, they should DEFINITELY stop by this salon and get something cool done to their coiffeurs (or nails!).

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Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.



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8 responses to “Reporting from India – Haircut

  1. Sandipan

    Great haircut. I know what you mean when plenty of us feel so disappointed after an expensive yet not so personalized hairstyle in the US. Even i am never satisfied but again I never spend much 🙂
    Sorry I didnt check your other message.. have you tried Gariahat.. fav place for thrift shopping

    • Hi Sandy,
      Great to hear from you again! I feel like we have our FIRST regular fan haha! 😛
      I am going to New Market soon I think. Don’t know if I will make it to Gariahat… I happen to live in north Kolkata. Thanks for all your feedback! 🙂

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