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Hello P.S. ers!

I was recently alerted of a brand new member only sale on Sole Society. As you all know I am absolutely in LOVE with their shoes in general (I brought my Clines to India with me! Yes, she is traveling the world with me!) In addition to fabulous shoes, Sole Society is now also starting to sell some designer quality handbags at marked down prices. Click here to see the bags!

Other than the Naomi, I am in love with both. More in love with Angie than Yulia. I just don’t know what color to get for the Angie. Also the minute I saw Angie, I thought of R’s post on Spring handbag trends. I am 99% sure I am getting Angie in Red with some left over Sole Society credit. I have always wanted a backpack + handbag type dealio – it’s perfect for anyone who is always on the go.

I have been very pleased with Sole Society’s customer service and quality of products in general, which is why I can make this decision to purchase something else they are selling with a great deal of confidence.

Which one will you get? 🙂 Let us know of your handbag picks! Share your ideas with us on twitter and facebook! Sign up for Sole Society ASAP and score some sweet on-trend deals.

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.


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