Sole Society Handbag review!

Hello PSers!

Sorry for the lack of posts – getting back into the grad student grind has been rough! Anyways, I bought myself a handbag from Sole Society with the help of some credits. I decided on purchasing the bright red Angie.

I was really concerned about buying any colored bag – I tend to stick to neutrals with shoes and handbags. And red is an extra scary color for me. But this summer, I have been appreciating colors I don’t normally tend to sport – see my previous crazy colored post.

Sole Society has been selling selected Vieta handbags, as I mentioned before. I took cue from my fellow fashionable co-blogger R and decided on the FRINGE trend she wrote about. And I do not regret buying a red fringe handbag at all. I have already worn it multiple times on non- school days. It adds the perfect pop of color. I wear it more as a cross-body unless I REALLY need my hands free. It has a LOT of room but only one compartment. I also am digging the gold hardware (which looks very far from tacky). Additionally, I have been thinking of using this piece to colorblock! I think that might look really cool!

Bottomline – the material is top notch and it looks WAY more expensive that it was.

What do you think of the Angie? They are coming out with new bags this month! I am super excited to see whats in store! Are you new to Sole Society – sign up here!

Find us on twitter and facebook and leave comments below to share your crazy summer finds.


Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.


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