Hair Solution – Dry shampoo

Hello PSers!

Since I have started working out after a four month hiatus (yes I am healthy like that…)… I have realized I NEED to do something about the way my hair looks after I am done with the gym. Hence I decided to buy a dry shampoo. I was always aware these existed, but had never felt the need to use them. I did not want to get a high end brand because I was not sure these things work… at all. I went for the Tresemme Normal to Oily hair/Volumizing dry shampoo.

I honestly had very little expectations from this product. I do not wash my hair everyday since it’s too drying for my hair (and most everyone’s, specially if it’s chemically treated). I have used the Tresemme dry shampoo twice now and had surprisingly good outcomes. I basically shake the shampoo and separate my hair with my fingers so majority of the product goes on the scalp. I tend to focus on the crown area as that tends to be the oiliest. After spraying the bottle asks you to let the product sit for about 2 minutes and then brush/style away. I find the 2 minute wait time does make a difference ( I did it once without waiting and my hair did not feel as voluminous as it does with the waiting).

I think for $2.49 at Target I have myself a good deal here. I don’t know how long the bottle will last but I am currently using it about two times a week. Oh and it smells DIVINE/fresh/citrusy. As far as ingredients go I can see the kaolin clay and cornstarch might help keep the excess oils away from your scalp. It also has grapefruit and tangerine peels to help with the scent and add shine. I think this is a great item for gym lockers or in your car for a quick pick-me-up. Its also wonderful if you are just starting to not wash your hair regularly, to give you that just washed feel (and smell!).

Do you use dry shampoos – do share your opinion about them! If you want to read some more about dry shampoos – go check out Kandee Johnson’s blog post about it (including a video demo!). Remember to show us some love by finding us on twitter and facebook

Disclaimer: All opinions are my own. No products were sent to me by any of these companies and they did not ask me to write this post.



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3 responses to “Hair Solution – Dry shampoo

  1. I swear by dry shampoo!

  2. The article you wrote is really nice.

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