Sole Society Olivias

Hello PSers,

Apologies for my infrequent posting (but I finally have a thesis lab and am hopefully moving forward in the PhD track!). I am here to review my latest purchase from Sole Society – the Olivia shoes. It took me a while to get to this as I had to return my first set. I am usually a 7.5 but these shoes seem to run a half size bigger. This was not posted on the shoe description itself (this would be something nice to have before ordering, then exchanging).

However, the 7s fit me very nicely! I have worn these with denims and capris and casual dresses as well as a more formal black dress with silver jewelry. I think the quality of Sole Society shoes is STILL remarkable (despite recent issues which I will address in the end). There is padding at the toe and the longest I wore it was 4 hours – went to Target and saw a movie. I woke up with surprisingly no pain! My previous Sole Society shoes (the Clines I reviewed) have also been very comfy and easy to wear for long hours. I love the ruffle detail. Additionally I think this color makes for a good transitional shoe from summer to fall OR later from winter to spring.

Lastly, I have been aware of all the negative reviews Sole Society has been getting, at least on the Facebook front. The month of August has been a bit bumpy – there were messed up closets and MANY delayed shoe designs. I think the customer relations people could have done something for UNIVERSAL compensation – such as a discount code for all members valid for some days. Instead it seems like nagging the customer service reps over chats ended bitterly, however, the Facebook ladies came through. I believe its a little bit of a concern when the “august” transitional shoes don’t arrive at the customer’s doorsteps and its the last 7 days of August. I received my Catherines and they too were 1/2 size too big. So I am having to return those. The Facebook customer reps are doing a great job. Live chat … not so sure. I do hope September is a smoother month. I still think for $49.95 we are getting an excellent deal for the quality of shoes we have. However, I think too many customers were upset (and with good reason) at how this month unfolded.

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2 responses to “Sole Society Olivias

  1. Angel

    I was thinking about making my 1st purchase,but I’ve had sone bad experiences with these kind of companies …I know u said they were comfortable ( as much so as a heel can be I assume lol) how about noisy? How bad is the clank when u walk …

    • Hey Angel,
      They are not very noisy and I have walked on carpet, wood and I wore it to a restaurant too.
      I think partially the sudden reduction in customer service might have been greater volume of orders. More and more people found out about SS. And I admit I was upset, and I don’t have the time to nag customer service to get their attention. But I am giving it another chance. I just did not want to give a review and not mention that I was displeased. That would be dishonest.
      Shoe quality is great, but I want my shoes on time!

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