want your make-up to last all day? or night?

Hey all,

Sorry about my lack of posts too. Other than the busy life us graduate students have (as R pointed out)… my cat has been sick on and off for the past month or so. I am finally getting some time… and well the right state of mind to do a blog post.

I had to make a move from Colorado to New Orleans last year and you’d be surprised how moving to an entirely different weather (dry, cold to hot humid) would affect your make up selection. Basically my make up would melt off when I got home at 5 or 6 after a day of work. I would have barely any eyeliner or eyeshadow or blush if I checked the mirror 2-3 hours after.

I did make a change of foundation (Pro Longwear SPF 15), and the foundation itself lasted long but did not make the blush last long. I already used an eye primer (Urban Decay primer potion) that helped a lot, but would not make my eye make up last the whole day. I even purchased a long lasting concealer (theBalm Time Balm).

Finally, this summer I started using Urban Decay’s All Nighter spray. With three spritzes my make up stays on ALL day. If anyone has difficulty with make up sliding off or not lasting as long as you would like it to – this is going to be a life saver. As an added plus, you will need fewer touch ups throughout the day. Additionally, it also prevents your make up from looking cracked/dry in the drier climates (yes I am sad I did not have this in my Colorado life).

If you think you look too shiny after the sprays, once it dries off just dab on some blot powder and you are SO set for the next 8 – 12 hours.

What are you secrets for perfect make up through out the day? Do share with us on twitter, facebook and comments!




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