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Polka Dotted Magic

I’d been wearing bright nail colors for quite some time…but lately I have been wearing a lot of different nude shades. One of the reasons might be a recent manicure post by Jen (LooksforLess) 🙂 She did a simple yet gorgeous manicure with a nude base and added a magical touch to it with a golden glitter top coat.

So, inspired by her manicure, I tried it with a little twist…

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Traveling with makeup!

Hey everyone,

So I am on a two-week research program/internship a few hours away from my home. So I decided to do a post on what I brought with me as far as makeup goes. I am being pretty minimal since I will be really busy for the next two weeks, but I am REALLY enjoying taking this break to write up this post. Other than clothes (mostly jeans and t-shirts since its a marshy, bug infested area) I brought one tiny make up bag filled with some of my most important essentials.

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