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My first Rue La La purchase

Morning PSers!

I apologise for being away from the blog for so long! But what with moving, and finally getting to see my boyfriend after 2.5 months…things have been pretty crazy!

But things are never too crazy for some online shopping! 🙂 So long ago, I got an email from Paypal a long time ago, asking me to sign up for Rue La La…and the best part was that I got a $20 credit just for signing up through that email.

So  a quick background on Rue La La….it’s another designers-for-less website…along the lines of Gilt, Beyond the Rack, Hautelook, etc. But what also sets them apart, is that they not only have sales for clothing, home accessories, etc. but also for special deals in your city and around the world….sort of like Groupon. They often have great sales on fabulous getaway locations around the world!! If I only had the money…:) Also, every Sunday night is the Rue La La Styleathon with great sales starting at 8pm! Which I really appreciate since most of us are at work during regular 11am sales.

So I finally used my $20 credit to purchase a military green and yellow digital watch by Puma. Here it is:

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Satchel Sensation

When I went back from the internship I also found my very first Beyond the Rack order sitting. I had ordered a satchel since they were so hot this spring, and this one fits my Macbook bro and it was just love at first sight. It was my very first experience with Beyond the Rack and I will discuss some of the pros and cons later. Here’s the Buckles and Pockets satchel in Brown by Elise Hope:

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