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Hair Solution – Dry shampoo

Hello PSers!

Since I have started working out after a four month hiatus (yes I am healthy like that…)… I have realized I NEED to do something about the way my hair looks after I am done with the gym. Hence I decided to buy a dry shampoo. I was always aware these existed, but had never felt the need to use them. I did not want to get a high end brand because I was not sure these things work… at all. I went for the Tresemme Normal to Oily hair/Volumizing dry shampoo.

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Hair product to try

Hey all,

I just wanted a write a quick post (since I am crazy busy packing for India) about this new found hair care line. And by new I mean I have tried it since March and LOVE it. It’s the Macadamia Natural Oil range (but the products have Argan Oils in it as well). So far I have used the Macadamia Oil Deep Repair Mask and the Macadamia Oil Healing Oil Treatment

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