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Reporting from India – New haircolor!

Hello PSers!

As promised I did just go back to my favorite salon Bridgette Jones, Kolkata, India. This is the same salon I got my hair cut and blogged about. I LOVE it. Its a red highlight with a wine base color. The salon used Schwarzkopf Igora in a bright red for highlights and a Schwarzkopf base shade as well. I did not note down the numbers (bad blogger!) but here’s Scwarzkopf’s website for your use. But here are the results!

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Reporting from India – Haircut

Hello avid readers!

Call me crazy but I waited 1.5 years to get my hair cut by my most trusted hairdresser in my hometown. I usually do cut my hair more often that this but  I just have not had a chance to find a new hairdresser since I moved from Colorado. My favorite salon (apparently in the world!) is Bridgette Jones in Kolkata, India. Unfortunately they do not have website (yet)! But I know for a fact that this salon caters to a good bit of the celebs and socialites of Kolkata. I personally feel like Bridgette and her trainees really work with what you want – they can do a conservative cut to a crazy one, just tell them what you are in the mood for! She has been my hairdresser from my school days through college and now grad school!

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