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Reporting from India – Brand Alert – Colorbar

Hello All,

I have recently stumbled upon a new and upcoming brand in India called Colorbar. I had heard about it from my mom,and she said this was an American company, since they marketed themselves as Colorbar USA. I do have a problem with this, because any research will reveal that these products are not American. They are in fact manufactured in India, and I think the brand should be proud of that fact. I, for one, would be fairly happy if they dropped the USA part. It would also be nice if the models used in the promo pictures were Indian. It would be a better representation of color cosmetics marketed for Indians anyways.

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Reporting from India – Haircut

Hello avid readers!

Call me crazy but I waited 1.5 years to get my hair cut by my most trusted hairdresser in my hometown. I usually do cut my hair more often that this but  I just have not had a chance to find a new hairdresser since I moved from Colorado. My favorite salon (apparently in the world!) is Bridgette Jones in Kolkata, India. Unfortunately they do not have website (yet)! But I know for a fact that this salon caters to a good bit of the celebs and socialites of Kolkata. I personally feel like Bridgette and her trainees really work with what you want – they can do a conservative cut to a crazy one, just tell them what you are in the mood for! She has been my hairdresser from my school days through college and now grad school!

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Get Excited!

I am back from my internship and getting all geared up to go to INDIA! For all those who don’t know, I am from India (originally)… So I am taking my vacation – a one month long one- at India. I am also traveling within India a bit. I will be in Kolkata and Bangalore for sure. Not sure if my parents have planned any other trips. I am going to be taking a LOT of pictures – specially for the blog. I want to be able to post about fashion and food and beauty! I love my homeland, but I think this blog has truly inspired me to go ahead and document some of the EXOTIC things about my country, for all of you readers.

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My Top five healthy meals

Taking a pretty radical shift from fashion here. Other than having a penchant for fashion, I am also a bit of a health nut. So, I decided to post my top 5 healthy entrees. I am a graduate student, so perpetually on a budget. So if you are in college/living on your own/trying to eat healthy without burning a huge hole in your pocket, please try these:

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