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L.A. Wedding!

A friend of mine recently got invited to an L.A. Wedding. It’s going to be in August and will be outside. Although she already owns quite a few pretty dresses, mostly from White House | Black Market. She wanted to go bright, bold and a little flashy for this wedding without spending a fortune of course.

So we were on the hunt, for dresses and shoes. We spent time in a lot of different stores, but as we all know, either the size fits or the price is right….never both.

We finally got lucky at JC Penney. They had a great selection of dresses, and they were on sale!

So here are the winners:

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Juicy Couture Bracelets

It’s my best friend’s birthday in a week and a half and she’s been obsessing over Juicy Couture Jewelry lately, especially their bracelets.

So I went on a hunt to find Juicy inspired jewelery at a more affordable price. She especially likes the leather cuff bracelets and the ones with a chunkier metal chains and charms look.

My favorite leather ones from Juicy:

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