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Midweek Manicures

Hello PSers!

We apologize for our sudden absence and lack of posts…but a graduate student’s life can get so chaotic at times, you are forced to forget your life outside of the lab!

So I recently scored a $2 off CVS coupon for Sally Hansen Crackle Overcoat polish and also $5 in CVS ExtraBucks. For those who don’t know yet, as a part of the CVS Beauty Club promotion, you get $5 in ExtraBucks for every $50 you spend on a large selection of beauty products at CVS. Also, you don’t have to spend all $50 at one time, so you can keep going back and adding to your total expenditure.

I had been meaning to try Sally Hansen’s crackle overcoat polish and salon manicure nailpolishes for a while. So I picked up a black crackle polish, and a nude salon manicure polish.

Here are the results:

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Stuck at home and still stylish!

Hey PSers!

Hope all of you who are in Irene’s path are staying safe and dry. I know I am trying to! I’ve been stuck at home since yesterday, so I took the chance for some ME time! 🙂

I’d been meaning to try french tips using hole protectors for a long time…so here are the results!

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Shopping your way to a better planet

Last week was a great time for me and my boyfriend. He was graduating from his 5 year Architecture program and I got to fly down to Miami to see him. 🙂 Hence, my absence from the website for a couple days.

This was also going to be the first time that I would be meeting his mom and other family members. Naturally, I wanted to look my best! Which also meant I was on the hunt for a nice dress for the commencement ceremony……on a serious budget – $20-$30. Continue reading


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