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Jewelmint’s Limited Quantities Sets Are Back!

What a wonderful surprise to brighten up a boring work day! I just got an email about Jewelmint‘s Buy One Get One Free sets and fell in love with all of them! Here is what they have on sale:

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L.A. Wedding!

A friend of mine recently got invited to an L.A. Wedding. It’s going to be in August and will be outside. Although she already owns quite a few pretty dresses, mostly from White House | Black Market. She wanted to go bright, bold and a little flashy for this wedding without spending a fortune of course.

So we were on the hunt, for dresses and shoes. We spent time in a lot of different stores, but as we all know, either the size fits or the price is right….never both.

We finally got lucky at JC Penney. They had a great selection of dresses, and they were on sale!

So here are the winners:

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Macy’s One Day Sale is here again!!

One thing is for sure my family and I love shopping at Macy’s. However, we never really shell out lots of money in the store. What I love most about shopping at Macy’s are their great sales. Also, once you become a Macy’s card holder they send you tons of coupons that work even on Sale and Clearance items! So finding a great deal is never too difficult.

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Maxi Find!

If you’ve been reading our blog for a while, you’ll remember that I did a previous post about maxi dresses.

Well with all the soaring temperatures I realized I needed a break from pants and jeans. So, I was finally able to go out and get one for myself! πŸ™‚

The first one I found was from TJ Maxx. I really love shopping at TJ Maxx. Their prices are definitely very competitive for the different brands available. Earlier this year I was able to nab a gorgeous snakeskin print Jessica Simpson hobo bag that was originally $108 for $30! πŸ™‚

I don’t have an actual picture of the one from TJ Maxx, but it is very close to this, except it is a teal shade all over:

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More simple manicure ideas!

So continuing with my series of simpler manicure ideas, here’s my next pitch.

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Get Excited!

I am back from my internship and getting all geared up to go to INDIA! For all those who don’t know, I am from India (originally)… So I am taking my vacation – a one month long one- at India. I am also traveling within India a bit. I will be in Kolkata and Bangalore for sure. Not sure if my parents have planned any other trips. I am going to be taking a LOT of pictures – specially for the blog. I want to be able to post about fashion and food and beauty! I love my homeland, but I think this blog has truly inspired me to go ahead and document some of the EXOTIC things about my country, for all of you readers.

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Simply polished

I’m really glad that my last few manicure posts were received with such enthusiasm, thank you! πŸ™‚

Talking with S, she suggested that I should come up with more ideas for simpler manicure designs….more so that they are something she can try! Haha

So here goes….

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